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Anybody got pics of Hilda and Hilbert's new battle intro sprites? (Archived)
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I was kinda hoping that in the world tournament... (Archived)scrappybristol47/1/2012
Damn the World Tournament is addicting under Triple battles (Archived)Stover4617/1/2012
Post & Discuss your To-Be Pokemon Teams here! (Archived)POLLY_0167/1/2012
I love the new metagame (Archived)BadEgg_Mastr77/1/2012
Gah route 23 is soo annoying (Archived)pkmnpkmn57/1/2012
Pokemon should have Resident Evil style puzzles (Archived)aznStaRBoY47/1/2012
Favorite Pokemon Generation (Archived)
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ATTN: Anime watchers (Archived)
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Watching the Mistralton City episode. (Archived)Goul11167/1/2012
Little thing that bothers me... (Archived)Hulkkis27/1/2012
Where is the daycare in B2/W2, and how early can you reach it? (Archived)Calwyn67/1/2012
Pokemon Musical (Archived)Emerald_Melios97/1/2012
Does the Battle Subway offer Triple and Rotation Battles this time? (Archived)Solar_Crimson87/1/2012
TM locations (Archived)BaronDante57/1/2012
What pokemon or trainer has the most swag? (Archived)
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So Growlithe to 45 for Flare Blitz or Move Relearner? (Archived)Soul5977/1/2012
Can I use my breeded Speed Boost Blaziken in Wifi Matches? (Archived)Grand_Blue67/1/2012
We need to fix Struggle Bug (C/D) (Archived)ElSilverWind97/1/2012
How to make this game harder (Archived)
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