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Pokemon needs more gothic characters (Archived)djmetal77767/1/2012
What I should do with this Scizor? (Archived)
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TM Help. (Archived)Sasuke_Itachi46/30/2012
Game is rated XXX in Australia (Archived)LegendaryOozaru86/30/2012
How about Cost Battle? (Archived)avenue2046/30/2012
So about that there Key Link (spoilers?) (Archived)Zacks_Fair56/30/2012
What Pokemon would you want to get you through the heat? (Archived)
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Mei is freakin adorable (Archived)
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Your Reaction: Dialga Palkia get new formes on Gen 6 (Archived)
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Got my hands on an imposter ditto. Been trying it out on random wifi. (Archived)kabigon2036/30/2012
Ash Ketchum. I hate you. (Archived)
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Are the pixels in this game better than the original b/w? (Archived)Laggiing26/30/2012
Around what gym badge does your party's average level *NO SPOILERS* (Archived)
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Shizui's English name is Marlon. (Archived)
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Question? (Archived)Baseball4Lyfe8546/30/2012
World tourney question (Archived)Baseball4Lyfe8566/30/2012
I just realized... (Archived)
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Grimsley reminds me of freaky fred from courage the cowardly dog (Archived)djmetal77746/30/2012
I miss the punch TMs (Archived)Varg_BURZUM76/30/2012
Ever since Platinum, the main (playable) characters' outfits have been similar. (Archived)Pokeclipse26/30/2012