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I really hope NOA doesnt go 4kids on us and... (Archived)
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Shiny cobalion (Archived)shenran26/30/2012
What is the release date for this in the United States? (Archived)
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World Tournament... (Archived)
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You know what this game's missing? (Archived)Super Slash56/30/2012
Let's make all HMs surf quality (Archived)
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Any pokemon worth catching in the hidden hollow? (Archived)
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Next Gen, two pre-evos will be necessary! (Archived)
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so bw2 berries? (Archived)Pkmn86_Breeder76/30/2012
N's pokemon (Archived)PokeCris36/30/2012
Do the B1W1 protagonists show in this game at all? (Archived)Rouenne36/30/2012
Can you transfer pokemon from black and white 1? (Archived)Epic-Dino-RAWR-26/30/2012
Hidden Hollow in Sanji Ranch (Archived)madmod123456/30/2012
Things you look forward to each time you play a new Pokemon game (Archived)Super Slash56/30/2012
Northwest Unova looks kind of empty. (Archived)Pokeclipse86/30/2012
Klang in dream world (Archived)warnerbroman46/30/2012
Are smokescreen, sand attack, and others like them banned? (Archived)Varg_BURZUM76/30/2012
I just can't get the Plasma Ship password. I've tried EVERYTHING. *spoilers?* (Archived)
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NES Kess196/30/2012
Telport girl (Archived)warnerbroman66/30/2012
There should be a Stereo Type (Archived)Zacks_Fair86/30/2012