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ITT: We discuss how hot fictional Pokemon girls are. (Archived)
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How Gen 5 Pokemon could be transferred to 3DS Gen, if it's ever made. (Archived)
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Need one more Pokemon on my team, suggestions? (Archived)bladelock345516/30/2012
C/D battle dome>World championship (Archived)
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side effects of waiting for this game (Archived)
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Can someone tell me the logic of making Challenge and Assist mode unlocked... (Archived)FF4Fan131346/30/2012
Have you ever played on Hardcore Mode? (Archived)Accrovideogames26/30/2012
Steelix should be Uber (Archived)Varg_BURZUM106/30/2012
How do you build your team when playing? (Archived)
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Beware! (Archived)Rai_Jin66/30/2012
Favorite form change (Archived)
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Remember when the Unova starters were first revealed... (Archived)
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Hidden Hollow Dragonite? (Archived)Pokanymous26/30/2012
Someone please explain this Reuniclus to me please (Archived)youngbro66/30/2012
Is just playing the main story of Pokemon Black sufficient for this? (Archived)Frost_shock_FTW36/30/2012
Guess their age! Day 5: Misty (Archived)
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How is it that surf hits your pokemon in a double battle but not muddy water? (Archived)1qaqa146/30/2012
Any penalties for messing with the clock? *Spoilers* (Archived)Stover4646/30/2012
Video of SPOILERS post game season fire team (Archived)Stover4626/30/2012
List of non-unova pokemon obtainable in game? (Archived)SuperPokenerd66/30/2012