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All Hidden Hollow Pokemon confirmed. (Archived)
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This FAQ... (Archived)super_luigi1636/29/2012
Misty,May,Dawn and Iris why are the anime fans so attracted to them ? (Archived)
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why do so many female players pick the guy (Archived)
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Super rod in this game? (Archived)strikerzex91136/29/2012
Question on the Battle Subway for those playing. (Archived)BKXD46/29/2012
you can't breed DW abilities right? (Archived)SUGARASHAD56/29/2012
Doesn't action replay render the Dream Radar 3DS app useless? (Archived)
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lmao moar Hoenn hints -Spoiler alert- (Archived)TherianForm66/29/2012
mixed battles become very amusing when you don't know the Japanese names (Archived)Holy_Oblivion26/29/2012
how good would a dragon dance arcanine be ? (Archived)gamepimp1286/29/2012
Tynamo's moveset is still horrible (Archived)Grand_Blue106/29/2012
So there's not much point to Waterfall pre-Elite, right? (Archived)DonaldMick76/29/2012
lol (Archived)alatreon78966/29/2012
Is the route 13 treasure hunter still there? (Archived)wishseeker23436/29/2012
What Pokemon merch do you have? (Archived)
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Is it true that route 10... (Archived)
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Dawn is better than May (Archived)
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Have you guys seen the spoilers yet? (Archived)
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Is possible to catch shiny Pokemon (with DW Abilities) in Hidden Hollows? (Archived)TyRaNtM46/29/2012