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it is just me or is there way more variety of pokemon in the grass patches. (Archived)Errl_Sapson46/27/2012
am i supposed to buy black 2 ? ( story wise ) (Archived)Sinful_Desire46/27/2012
Anyone besides me play by Region only pokemon standards? (Archived)
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"Black and White 2" (Archived)
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Anyone know what level Regenerator Ho-oh starts on? (Archived)Two-Face96/27/2012
About the Pokemon Earth. (Archived)Brandon04248746/27/2012
What capture has caused you the most frustration? (Archived)
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Question about Nintendowfc Battles with Friends (Archived)zhanestarter26/27/2012
Am I the only one who thinks... *SPOILERS* (Archived)
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they should at least assign more pokemons per gym leader and elite four (Archived)Flootenkerp46/27/2012
Anyone know why Famitsu gave it a lower score than BW? (Archived)
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Challenge Key Question (Archived)zoom242026/27/2012
Not competitive, but I want too be. (Archived)
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Damn, some of the pokes you find in the early game are pretty good (Archived)jaimito_vond46/27/2012
Tips for team building. (Archived)
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Garvantula or Eelektross (Archived)
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There's a new 3DS (XL) model coming (Archived)
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Are Trapinch and Absol available in the main game? (Archived)NebulaBlue36/27/2012
Are you a Pokemon Master? (Archived)soul_phoenixx76/27/2012
Is there a list of catchable Pokemon by route? (Archived)MrFingers0746/27/2012