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Is DW Weavile available in this game? (Archived)zach12_236/25/2012
Seems the game has grown up abit (spoilers) (Archived)Halectic86/25/2012
Serebii: One which requires you to have linked with Black & White (Archived)
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Jirachi/Shiny Pichu event cartridge (Archived)bachuress36/25/2012
fanart complete Kyurem pic (Archived)LenneValkirye26/25/2012
Does anyone know where i can find pokemon locaton and encounter rates? (Archived)DanMil0526/25/2012
Sixth Pokemon Suggestion? (Archived)Long_Bottom56/25/2012
They eventually need to make a "Revenge of Gen 1/2" Generation (Archived)
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Where's the Ice Beam TM? (Archived)73h_133736/25/2012
So it's pretty much established that Gen 5 is the best generation? (Archived)
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Music Tier List by Generation (Archived)
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Oh man Pokemon fans have funny logic XD (Archived)
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Dark World Ruler236/25/2012
Old Gym Leaders may have new Pokemon in World Tournament (Archived)PokemonYoutube36/25/2012
Gooey Mulch and Growth Mulch (Archived)Kapuxa46/25/2012
help create a nickname for my Leavanny! (Archived)DedoDurdens56/25/2012
Trollfreak strikes once more. (Archived)
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After you beat Shizui *spoilers* (Archived)slmcknett26/25/2012
Guess the hypothetical complete Kyurem's stats (Archived)LHS_201246/25/2012
Can traded Eggs still hatch with Egg Moves? (Archived)POLLY_0126/25/2012
Which NPC says that Hilda/Hilber are looking for N? (Archived)Soul5946/25/2012