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Shut up about Life Orb and Sheer Force. It is exactly the same as it was in B/W. (Archived)Roobitysu66/25/2012
Does Serebii come here yet? (Archived)Niteclaw102856/25/2012
Flying pokemon question (Archived)SuperMario8888846/25/2012
When do you use memory link? (Archived)7thmagi76/25/2012
Since there's now a Black/White Kyuremu, is there any reason to still use a... (Archived)
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Question for anyone who has the game (possible spoilers, I guess)... (Archived)Monferno_AQW86/25/2012
Any footage of Black City and White Forest yet? (Archived)EmptyStar1226/25/2012
Is there a trade board set up anywhere for this game ? (Archived)darkflame_fenix66/25/2012
Nature Sanctuary (Archived)stage7_426/25/2012
Post a team more alpha than mine (Archived)
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Team Derp? (Archived)scrappybristol106/25/2012
Welp, Serperior will certainly enjoy the extra coverage. (Archived)leak_man36/25/2012
About the challenge key. (Archived)shober16/25/2012
Who should I replace on my team for Axew? (Archived)Stover4666/25/2012
What do you want in the next gen of Pokemon (Archived)
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any video of White 2.. so i can see the white bar backround in game (Archived)SUGARASHAD56/25/2012
So Apparently, I Suck because I don't take Comp. Battling Seriously...>_> (Archived)
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do any battle facilities have triple or rotation battles? (Archived)Holy_Oblivion46/25/2012
Giant Chasm (Archived)magiccube452756/25/2012
how to ruin a game (Archived)
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