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Why still Wireless and not WiFi? (Archived)
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Language barrier? (Archived)GamerSanta96/25/2012
Finally! (Archived)kumorixLoveless36/25/2012
Seems still no shiny Zek/Resh (Archived)7thmagi56/25/2012
Aw, why get rid of Brycen? (minor spoilers) (Archived)Valorous_Roland106/25/2012
My only issue with BW2 is that..... (Archived)POLLY_0186/25/2012
I just don't feel this game is immersive enough. (Archived)zach12_296/25/2012
Are there any time sensitive areas like B City/W Forest in original? (Archived)Zeldafan7726/25/2012
So... Growlithe learns Outrage now. (Archived)
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Question; Kyurem and Fusing (Apologise if it's been answered) (Archived)Asthaloth106/25/2012
the new tornadus is ridiculously good. (Archived)
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Anime cutscenes? *spoilers?* (Archived)OoSubaruoO66/25/2012
Memory Link (Archived)ZeldaFreak9126/25/2012
Your thoughts? (Archived)Reno_Tarshil16/25/2012
Do all od N'a pokemon have set IVs and nature? (Archived)
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Will this be Golurk's new standard set? (Archived)Legendary_Musas66/25/2012
Best Pokemon Music Competition RESULTS + Consolation Match (Archived)Pokecheese09876/25/2012
Who's gonna use Sigilyph as a Special Sleeper. (Archived)POLLY_0166/25/2012
My Playthrough *Spoilers* (Archived)
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Is anybody NOT using Arcanine and/or Lucario? (Archived)
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