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Where is Lucky Egg Magmarizer and the Move Deleter? (Archived)hsdubb1946/24/2012
Anyone found the move deleter? (Archived)senax546/24/2012
Any footage of the other regional gym leaders? (Archived)EmptyStar1236/24/2012
spoilers i think we know what happened to... (Archived)thunder_gods36/24/2012
Electirizer (Archived)burningicex56/24/2012
Just need a bit of help making my team. (Archived)gg13236/24/2012
Kyurem forms are going straight to uber (Archived)
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i've only got one question, how early can you find (spoiler) (Archived)Des Troy 32136/24/2012
I hope seals return (Archived)discodancer7746/24/2012
Goddammit GameFreak, you tease. :| (Archived)
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Warning AR code (Pokemon white) help you guys out a bit (Archived)
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Is Pinwheel Forest in this? (Archived)EmptyStar1236/24/2012
Sangi Forest (Archived)verac3136/24/2012
What did you name your rival? (Archived)
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so were triple and rotation battles a mistake by GF? (Archived)tremain0786/24/2012
where can you catch staryu? (Archived)Alexclow34526/24/2012
Omg i want to catch em all again so hard right now! (Archived)fissionprimer56/24/2012
preorder item (jp) (Archived)shenran16/24/2012
The low HP music ruins the battle songs so much (Archived)
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NEVER reveal to your gf that you are buying pokemon black 2/white 2 (Archived)
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