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Think for me, trying to catch em all. (Archived)Speedlot76/24/2012
So...which Kyurem form is better? (Archived)
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Jellicent? (Archived)speed_sceptile16/24/2012
Why doesnt palkia have gunk shot yet? (Archived)djmetal77726/24/2012
What's with all the legendaries??? (Archived)
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new random matchup system question... (Archived)darkus_f36/24/2012
So why is the professor of Unova, a former Team Galatic member? (Archived)Reno_Tarshil56/24/2012
Is it possible to catch a shiny Reshiram/Zekrom now? (Archived)73h_133736/24/2012
I went back and listened to Alder's theme (Archived)GloryChaos36/24/2012
Is Pin Wheel Forest after the Elite 4 or Before? (Archived)Nitro24636/24/2012
I'm so tired of all of those damn formes (Archived)
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How can ghost Pokemon breed? (Archived)
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What if... (Archived)radred200446/24/2012
What's everyone's opinion on Shuckle? (Archived)The4thRaikage66/24/2012
Your favorite Pokemon game of all time (Archived)okamhunite56/24/2012
The fact that your lead monster doesn't follow you just goes to show you that... (Archived)
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Play Asia question (Archived)Baseball4Lyfe8516/24/2012
Favourite post game? (Archived)
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Question: Where is the daycare center? (Archived)K_Guan66/24/2012
How the hell do I get out of Pokewood? (Archived)
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