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FffffffUUUUU!!!!!! (Archived)
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Riolu is incredibly rare. (Archived)
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Should I finish White before BW2 are released? (Archived)JcOpIVY8636/24/2012
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Think they will make a Volt Black 2 and Blaze White 2 hack? (Archived)alexthechamp96/24/2012
If Hibert/Hilda went to Hoenn... (Archived)1312198736/24/2012
Worth importing? (Archived)vital_vertigo16/24/2012
black and white kyurem M15 event (speculation thread) (Archived)LenneValkirye46/24/2012
Did Pokemon teach anybody else how to read? (Archived)Bellethor66/24/2012
Anyone else just have to catch good natured pokes for ingame? (Archived)
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So is this game better or worse than BW1? (Archived)ElectricNova66/24/2012
Do Ice Burn and Freeze Shock still have a charge turn? *spoilers?* (Archived)TorchicBlaziken26/24/2012
Wild and Dream World Eevee? (Archived)ForteEXEMaster26/24/2012
So, about Kyurem... (Archived)Eriorguez_4ever66/24/2012
When is Route 11 reachable? (Archived)ForteEXEMaster16/24/2012
I really don't want R/S/E remakes, but I want Hoenn to be revisited (Archived)
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Dark World Ruler216/24/2012
Dream World Eevee? (Archived)bendypeanut36/24/2012
Y'know, I actually kinda like the Gym Leader and Champion remixes (Archived)ice_phoenix_16/24/2012