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Does Scizor get any of the New Tutor Moves? (Archived)Reno_Tarshil56/24/2012
What are some grass-type Pokemon that are available? (Archived)73h_133736/24/2012
Big sprite list, (Spoilers) (Archived)
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Want Eevee, how to access the Sewers? (Archived)Bearpowers76/24/2012
how effective would a Zoroark and Lucario tag team be? (Archived)
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Do you find the Moss Rock post-game or before? (Archived)maxdan24626/24/2012
found my first shiny ever... (Archived)SoaringBlizzard56/24/2012
sheer force no longer negates LO damage (Archived)
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You guys are right, Gen 3 won't be remade... (Archived)Fz_Echo86/24/2012
Pokemon Lost silver :[ (Archived)plasmamanEXE106/24/2012
whats the story (Archived)waitletsplay36/24/2012 Darkrai catchable? (Archived)Jrx176/24/2012
Has the entire roster for the World Tournament been found yet? (Archived)SalsaSavant66/24/2012
What if they decide to skip Generation 6 for a few years and instead made... (Archived)1312198766/24/2012
How do we see Reshiram/Zerkrom? (Archived)
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I've got a stream going right now (Archived)
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Can we all finally agree to drop (Archived)thefinaloracle76/24/2012
There we go... there are not in... (Archived)1312198796/24/2012
So this is officially the beginning of being able to fuse Pokemon (Archived)
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Any list for pokemon with new TM and Egg Moves? (Archived)Hulkkis46/24/2012