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DW Eevee as a gift. (Archived)scrappybristol76/24/2012
Wait, Move Tutors are in this game? (Archived)
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where do I go after pokewood? (Archived)1qaqa146/24/2012
Wow....the years has really been good to the Gym Leaders and E4.. (Archived)Chaos_Missile26/24/2012
N's Weather Teams (Archived)
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Hilda/Hilbert as WT downloadable opponent (Archived)Ku-Ri-Boh46/24/2012
Instead of a Gen 3 Remake, I want to see (Archived)theboogs76/24/2012 it's possible to find Miltank in Sparkling Sea? (Archived)
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Yeah, I'm pretty sure these are the best Pokemon games since HG/SS. (Archived)
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C/D: Gfreak introduces a Pokemon that won't be obtainable AT ALL for gens (Archived)Ku-Ri-Boh46/24/2012
C/D: BW2 have the best soundtrack in the entire series. (Archived)
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Official 'Are Hilda/Hilbert in the game?' Thread (Archived)
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Keldeo Forme Change (Archived)barkadosh76/24/2012
How to get past the Hiker (Archived)diablo36156/24/2012
Any videos of challenge mode? (Archived)TheNextUser16/24/2012
Getting challenge mode from the start- any confirmation yet? (Archived)Onionium46/24/2012
Why has no one done a list of the Pokemon gym leaders use in..... (Archived)PhaseBlack56/24/2012
Can you Audino grind in this game? (Archived)Pluscano46/24/2012
I just noticed something. (Archived)Mishimon76/24/2012
How far in the game is Rebirth Mountain? (Archived)Nitro24626/24/2012