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Guess their age! Day 1: Leaf (Archived)
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How do I advance past the point of the game where (Archived)Nothing516/24/2012
is their a list for what moves the poke can learn from tutoring? (Archived)MalkyeaImbak36/24/2012
Question about Kyurem's formes.. (Archived)jEr3mY46/24/2012
A really quick question. (Archived)SuperMario8888856/24/2012
I wanna destroy skyla (Archived)
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Wait, your telling me(spoiler) (Archived)DemiseEnd76/24/2012
I think its time these 2 new types in pokemon should be made (Archived)
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Best Pokemon Music Competiton Day 69 FINALS!!!: Battle At The Tower (Archived)
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Im surprised theres no photshop pic of Kyurem Zekron and Reshiram as a whole. (Archived)youngbro56/24/2012
Most improved Unova pokemon? (Archived)
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Is there anywhere you can get sigilyph? (Archived)z0mgthiefbeef86/24/2012
Nostalgia Music (Archived)gohobojoe66/24/2012
Pokemon Dream Radar Captures Update :D (some spoilers?) (Archived)
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where is nature santcuary and waht is it? (spoiler) (Archived)nick997726/24/2012
Undisputed Badass Tournament: Round 1 Samurott VS Gallade (Archived)
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Nature Sanctuary (event item area) (Archived)
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We now know how to obtain the Shining and Round Charms (Archived)ClassyOldHat66/24/2012
Noob question. (Archived)Jrx136/24/2012
i want a team like this (Archived)Glitz_yoshi36/24/2012