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Lucario (Archived)verac3116/23/2012
Damn old gens(AKA why gen 1 is sloppy) (Archived)
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so are lucario and haxorus version exclusives?? (Archived)Mienfoo77796/23/2012
As awesome as this game sounds, I hate the name.... (Archived)
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Can Kyurem still know Fusion Bolt/Flare in its normal form? (Archived)Executor1526/23/2012
So Alder can still jump down cliffs... (Archived)73h_133736/23/2012
leaked? (Archived)sayianprince30096/23/2012
Stones? (Archived)Mudkip4336/23/2012
I am calling it, RSE remakes won't be in Generation 5 (Archived)
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Will pay someone $100 to write a FAQ for this game (Archived)
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Everything said about this game sounds infinitely better than the originals (Archived)LightningHawk9046/23/2012
So do you encounter BW MCs or not? (Archived)Stover4646/23/2012
So what is there for post-game content in this game? (Archived)-hotdogturtle--36/23/2012
After R/SE remakes what can they remake next? (Archived)
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So Heatmor got Thunderpunch... (Archived)LHS_201256/23/2012
Lol'd at this joke. (Archived)
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Any word yet on where to get *spoiler* (Archived)Enigma14956/23/2012
Did Seismitoad get anything of note? (Archived)Legendary_Musas96/23/2012
Let's talk about the old pokemon added to the Unova Dex (Archived)
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Tynamo line gets Magnet Rise (Archived)Meta28966/23/2012