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Is Riolu available only during the day? (Archived)RudyBeoulve26/22/2012
About the shiny Patrat in the magazine... (Archived)Grand_Blue36/22/2012
where do i go after i beat alder helpers ??? (Archived)Kittyboiz36/22/2012
Is this game out yet in Japan? (Archived)Fz_Echo76/22/2012
So I found out that Shaga/Drayden is a gym leader... (Archived)
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So is this basically the same as they've always done, but two versions? (Archived)
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Bout time the Hoenn music was done right (Archived)
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AR Searchers up (Archived)stephen61926/22/2012
so, if Ridley was a Pokemon... (Archived)
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Alder's grandson is awesome. (Archived)
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Zubat is back....... (Archived)
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Tornadus just keeps getting screwed over. (Archived)
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How long will it take them to add the new changes to Pokemon Online? (Archived)Count_Black96/22/2012
Who would be the champions of the Hypothetical RB2,GS2,RS2,and DP2? (Archived)Brandon0015146/22/2012
Looks like Flareon got ripped out of Flare Blitz again... (Archived)
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The start of the game. (Archived)Shhsxs16/22/2012
Looks like Blastoise got ripped out of Shell Smash again... (Archived)123lizardman78926/22/2012
I got the game! (Archived)Dark_Zoroark26/22/2012
Venipede Route 20 (Archived)Bearpowers96/22/2012
gamefreak running out of colors? (Archived)
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