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I want to relive the first time I playd Pokemon (Archived)fredie11106/22/2012
Are Beta and Smogon going to wipe their Pokemon Online tiers? (Archived)Count_Black26/22/2012
Let's play who says this (Archived)
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I am soh stupid... (Archived)fredie1136/22/2012
Oh. My. God. Skill. Link. CINCCINO. (Archived)
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Elemental Punches + Drain Punch Golurk, yes plz (Archived)Legendary_Musas66/22/2012
C/D Frontier Brains participating in the World Tounrament (Archived)
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Where can we see new sprites? (Archived)Onionium96/22/2012
who would win in a fight: black/white kyurem vs dialga/palkia (Archived)Emperor4DemiGod76/22/2012
Dear God... (Archived)
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New pokemon game announced (Archived)fredie1156/22/2012
Earth Power and Dark Pulse are now Move Tutor attacks? (Archived)
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Kingler has big MEATY CLAWS... (Archived)djmetal77736/21/2012
I want a real shiny. ;_; (Archived)2wingedangel56/21/2012
Does anything resist... (Archived)
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So...(Slight Spoilers) (Archived)LDSKnight46/21/2012
The cutest pokemon! (Archived)
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Nice defensive core, DW Amoonguss, DW Slowbro, Heatran. (Archived)_KGC_16/21/2012
Lol roxie (Archived)
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do the starters signature moves actually worth keeping (Archived)tremain0776/21/2012