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farewell (Archived)
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Elesa is going to be Gym number 4 or 5. (Archived)
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Higher Level (Archived)antoine102726/21/2012
ITT move tutors (Archived)SSJ3Chris46/21/2012
Can these Pokemon be caught pre e4? (Archived)Legendary_Musas26/21/2012
Can someone explain Unova Link? (Archived)discodancer7736/21/2012
So if Kyruem and Zekrom/Resiram fuse together with an item.... (Archived)
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Homika's Gym music... (Archived)
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Oh, Burgh... *SPOILERS* (Archived)ophanseraph12336/21/2012
So if this Normal/Assist/hard challenge change thing is true... (Archived)Aurawhisperer66/21/2012
Your Opinion: Following all the news, is this the best Pokemon game ever? (Archived)
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Pokemon available between beginning & elite 4? (Archived)Nitro24646/21/2012
Roster wise where would you rank *major spoilers* (Archived)Brandon0015166/21/2012
C/D Cheren's team is the worst gym leader team ever (Archived)
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This game should have custom music to be honest (Archived)RX0mega76/21/2012
So Alder has a... *spoilers* (Archived)Xenozoa42526/21/2012
What a waste of a cool idea... (Archived)Iravention9426/21/2012
so if black/white kyurem is gotten by.....(spoilers) (Archived)paipr56/21/2012
So how do people become gym leaders exactly? (spoilers) (Archived)
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Pokemon in real life (Archived)Grand_Blue56/21/2012