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Rate a song: Day 3 - Alder's themeSkull_pro106/19/2012
If you just play single player, I look down upon you.
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We need atheboogs96/19/2012
Thinking of playing a CERTAIN Pokemon spin-off..Rupin_Salesman76/19/2012
Dose anyone rememberfredie1186/19/2012
What moves do you hope get new animations?Emerald_Melios76/19/2012
Jokes ahoy!chipsahoymate36/19/2012
I thought Unova was supposed to be frozen overdjmetal77766/19/2012
Any changes regarding the balance of the game in this new version?MindwalkerX56/19/2012
Legend speaks of a boy with extrordinary power...djmetal77756/19/2012
Can anyone confirm if there are new sprites?fire_starter0596/19/2012
Since all the gym leaders are coming back for the championship thingtheboogs66/19/2012
Will this have new pokemon in it?
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this games need buyable PP ups
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Will this come out in American before
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
The fact that my Elesa foot topic got over 100 posts just shows that gamefreak..
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ITT: Your Wishes and Hopes for this Game!moneyman8276/19/2012
Are the any events for this game from the release date till next month?gg13246/19/2012
ITT we discuss various facets of the splitSSJ3Chris76/19/2012
There is no game series with more fans who hate on it publicly then Pokemon.DarkKirby250096/19/2012
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