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Which region was your favorite to explore and least favorite to explore (Archived)
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Has the type chart been tweaked? (Picture inside) (Archived)
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Best Pokemon Music Competiton Day 61 Round 4: That was Plasbad! (Archived)
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Are shiny Pokemon even worth it now? (Archived)
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Gym leaders. (Archived)Lagfile66/16/2012
can i get a quick overview? (Archived)Brandon04248726/15/2012
How about a new pokemon game for wii u (Archived)DraconFlame2796/15/2012
Who hopes Non-ledgenday poke ge a new forme? (Archived)warnerbroman106/15/2012
Serious question: Which Unova starter do you prefer, and why? (Archived)
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I want to discuss a very serious topic here. (Archived)
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Elite Four Changes? (Archived)Geminia99986/15/2012
Is it possible to get Celebi w/ glitches on an American GSC? (Archived)Jagus46/15/2012
Battle Frontier (Archived)Trailblazer3426/15/2012
I just noticed something about every trailer... (Archived)Dark_Link92106/15/2012
In the next game, your rival should be trying to 1-up the evil team leader. (Archived)Jagus66/15/2012
With 3DS having DLC, do you think we'll finally have unknown event pokes? (Archived)
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How many old Gym Leaders do you think we'll have? (Archived)LDSKnight46/15/2012
What do you think the plot will be like? *Spoilers for BW1* (Archived)Jagus36/15/2012
I have seen everything except... (Archived)Dark_Zoroark96/15/2012
how many base points does landous attack have to rise for his earthquake to be (Archived)gamepimp1236/15/2012