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Best animation of this move Day 3: Explosion (Archived)
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Questions about the Tiers for Competitive play. (Archived)Brandon04248755/31/2012
I'm going to nickname my Genesect "Murphy" when I get this game. Rate it /10 pls (Archived)Sherlock_H35/31/2012
Oh, so that's what we're doing now. (Archived)RedArchangel2065/31/2012
I'm going to nickname my DW Snivy "Yogurt" when I get this game. Rate it /10 pls (Archived)
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I am going to name my Kakuna "Yogurt" when I get this game. Rate the name /10 k? (Archived)
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Gen's 2 and 5 are the only Gen's I don't like all the starters. (Archived)
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Elesa needs a tubetop (Archived)djmetal77735/31/2012
Brycen and the Shadow Triad in Icirrus City... (Archived)Emerald_Melios75/31/2012
Does anyone know the AR to change your characters name? (Archived)Aurawhisperer45/31/2012
Innovation (Archived)crunchyfrog9945/31/2012
what if; the starters where not the starters? (Archived)paipr25/31/2012
Are there any foreign Pokemon names you like better? (Archived)
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What's the numerical boosts of Metronome? (Archived)CWtennis35/31/2012
Are there gonna be any new Pokemons on this game? (Archived)
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I found the girl who says Brycen used to be in movies. (Archived)
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I really hope we get to... (Archived)
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Up to this Point, Which Grass Starter Do You Think has the Most Variable Moveset (Archived)ThatGuyZ85/31/2012
Any word on if Serpifeu will get Umkehrung? (Archived)
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why don't more people use SD Heracross with Toxic Orb and Guts? (Archived)
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