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Need a fresh run of Pokemon Black, first 6 Pokemon will be my party for the game (Archived)
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Simple idea to improve the Pokedex (Archived)
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Is Cynthia the poster girl for Pokemon now? (Archived)
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BW had the Gym Leaders more involved (Archived)
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why are there 2 pokemon black boards (Archived)
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Dier Sirs (Archived)
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CoroCoro Leaks? (Archived)
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Oh, its soo official (Archived)Aurawhisperer105/15/2012
Team Plasma is badass now. (Archived)ybro84575/15/2012
Attract should work on same gender Pokemon (Archived)
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Here's a new video (Archived)MariaAlteration15/15/2012
Wait, what? Are Musicals really gone? (Archived)EmptyStar1265/15/2012
Do you really think there's going to be a Gen 6? (Archived)
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Will pokemon be able to follow us? (Archived)
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do I have to REALLY choose between snivy, piglit, and wotter?/ (Archived)
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I never knew that Stoutland was so small. (Archived)Catcher_Freeman85/15/2012
The only thing that bugs me about this... (Archived)Kisai15/15/2012
Am I the only one that thinks Gym Leader designs are getting dumber each game? (Archived)PhaseBlack105/15/2012
male trainer's main pokemon are the fire starter and lucario (Archived)tremain0725/15/2012
Can I get a confirmation? Are these clips fanmade or are they real? (.gifs) (Archived)maestro85/15/2012