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A month away from release and I STILL haven't finished... (Archived)PkmTrainerAbram55/16/2012
B/W2 Trailer (Archived)PalkiaRuler0965/16/2012
Some thoughts/ analysis on the new trailer (Archived)Gilfar1465/16/2012
Is Giovanni really the only team boss gym leader? (Archived)123lizardman78995/16/2012
That Akuroma devil guy, we saw him in PWT in BW2 Trailer. (Archived)Zero9745/16/2012
Should I be proud (Archived)
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Is Norman the only gym leader with his own theme? (Archived)Kris_is_Lyra45/16/2012
Is Norman the only "real" father in the pokemon universe. (Archived)BackwardCap105/16/2012
Is a 3DS Stadium game possible? And have it looking better than PBR? (Archived)EmptyStar1295/16/2012
I thought Gamefreak would never cater to the perves... (Archived)djmetal77745/16/2012
AR shiny egg? (Archived)Aurawhisperer25/16/2012
I feel like this game will be the last pokemon game like this. (Archived)
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What Move Tutors would you like to see Pokemon get? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Post reactions to the trailer here! (Archived)The_FoolXXII65/16/2012
Dumb question, who would win in a fight a Pokemon from the 1st/2nd gen system or (Archived)MrFingers0745/16/2012
you know what, pokemon is extremely violent (Archived)Shovel_Break75/16/2012
So what are the people in Japan saying? (Archived)
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About the Promo for the games. (Archived)Brandon04248725/16/2012
Dat Trailer > Ash's anime (Archived)JediBoB10195/16/2012
Wow Bianca looks like a hipster now. (Archived)
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