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What Move Tutors would you like to see Pokemon get? (Archived)
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Post reactions to the trailer here! (Archived)The_FoolXXII65/16/2012
Dumb question, who would win in a fight a Pokemon from the 1st/2nd gen system or (Archived)MrFingers0745/16/2012
you know what, pokemon is extremely violent (Archived)Shovel_Break75/16/2012
So what are the people in Japan saying? (Archived)
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About the Promo for the games. (Archived)Brandon04248725/16/2012
Dat Trailer > Ash's anime (Archived)JediBoB10195/16/2012
Wow Bianca looks like a hipster now. (Archived)
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Action replay help (Archived)-TheFranchise-35/16/2012
Does this mean Kyurem is going to eat people? (Archived)Argh443085/16/2012
In the video, Team Plasma gets a Metagross, Seviper, and Muk. (Archived)Shadowmaster_m165/16/2012
im honestly shocked, disappointed, and disgusted by the amount of adults who (Archived)
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Abram A1 (Metagross) (Archived)
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so the ice is real! (Archived)
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Neo Team Plasma questions//speculation (Archived)R0cks0l1dd85/16/2012
Will we be able to transfer our old pokemon from B/W to B/W2? (Archived)MasterAdeptAlex45/16/2012
so who are all the confirmed oldies (Archived)
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bigbug1992's super awesome Crystal nuzlocke. Chapter 1: To Mr. Pokemon (Archived)
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Achroma's theme? (Archived)EmptyStar1245/16/2012
Sooo... total gender reversal between hte playable characters? (Archived)EmptyStar1235/16/2012