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Looking for some kindness: Black and White 1 related. (Archived)Jamsiesdragon64/1/2013
Electabuzz + Eviolite or evolve into Electivire? (Archived)
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1st gen pokemon (Archived)BallHawkDawk2034/1/2013
Smogon are going to ban Hurricane, Thunder, and Focus Blast? (Archived)Dabrikishaw1574/1/2013
Would you agree with the "Top Ten Most Disappointing Pokemon" list? (Archived)
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EV Trained Gengar.. Rash nature. (Archived)hayandneedles94/1/2013
I like my women how I like my Pokemon (Archived)
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Mienshao Craps all over this game (Archived)
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save files (Archived)thebladeofwoe34/1/2013
Just found a Shiny Audino! (Archived)
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Question about learning a move (Archived)Michael_FF524/1/2013
I missed the melotta event. Will I be able to get it in game? (Archived)
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Breeding IV's.... (Archived)CyberWhiteTiger74/1/2013
Do you think a Imposter Ditto only run would be viable? (Archived)XxMahnaMahnaxX84/1/2013
Same old post, new newbie. (Archived)SaturdayNight733/31/2013
Pokemon that should have certain abilities - but don't. (Archived)Nograd78973/31/2013
Battling pokemon level question (Archived)Ripley_Alien33/31/2013
Difficulty (Archived)superwailord53/31/2013
Question about my team. I'd like your opinion. (Archived)aris22473/31/2013
What's a good water type for in-game/Battle Subway? (Archived)thebrokenhammer73/31/2013