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Which Gyms need improvements/changes the most? (Archived)
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If Shuckle had baton pass... (Archived)
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You should be able to blast the researcher dude's bang off in a climactic battle (Archived)Gaming_Mastery84/18/2012
C/D : Akuroma is a Frontier Brain (Archived)Rappy2874/18/2012
Best Pokemon Music Competiton Day 3 Round 1: I Got The Day Right! (Archived)
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I havent played Pokemon since red/blue :T (Archived)
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Best Pokemon Character. Round 1 Day 10 (Archived)
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This won't be a true Pokemon game (Archived)Proud_Stray74/18/2012
So I take it we're no longer stuck with Gen 5s for the initial playthrough? (Archived)Nomorice4U24/18/2012
What if: Champion's Tournament Post-Game Event? (Archived)tallgeeseIV24/18/2012
Which one and why? Day 1 Metagross vs. Scizor (Archived)
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Anyone have a feeling (Archived)Blingya2574/18/2012
So the pokemon following feature is left out? (Archived)Rikikato84/18/2012
C/D Shizul has a Poliwag, Lotad, or Tympole (Archived)sonictrainer74/18/2012
Does Pokemon have an actual storyline yet? (Archived)
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We should discuss new gym puzzles (Archived)Toni_32154/18/2012
Aren't Hilbert/Hilda actually named Blair/Whitlea? (Archived)Pictocheat84/18/2012
Favorite/Least Favorite Trios? (Archived)
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I wonder if this is going to be a trilogy. (Archived)
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Which old gym leaders do you think will stay? (Archived)1qaqa1104/18/2012