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C/D The new selectable players both look great! (Archived)
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I just realize, all trainers are animated now! (Archived)Seishinmahou34/17/2012
What can they give Pidgeot to make him actually viable? (Archived)
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Has it been announced if Black2/White2 will be able to trade with Black/White? (Archived)Calwyn34/17/2012
When Gen 6 is made on the 3DS, would you want them to stick with sprites...? (Archived)
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Two things people need to stop doing (Archived)
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Would you be surprised if... (Archived)themegaman764/17/2012
Rate this minor breeding idea. (Archived)Roc_Raida74/17/2012
Do you think that by making the game more practical they are taking away (Archived)
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they should really get creative in this version. (Archived)Haahahaha84/17/2012
Ev training question (Archived)destroyer99999954/17/2012
Most pointless pre-evolution? (Archived)
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helppp (Archived)rockmanandroll54/17/2012
We're going to be going to Castellia City before Nimbasa (Archived)EmptyStar1254/17/2012
My first Pokemon was... (Archived)EmptyStar1234/17/2012
More unique trainers in future Pokemon games (Archived)rogue_agentX34/17/2012
What would your reaction be if professor Akuroma... (Archived)themegaman754/17/2012
Were did those wires come from? (Archived)Bad-School-Girl24/17/2012
villa r secret base (Archived)fredie1164/17/2012
the pokemon league (Archived)fredie1144/17/2012