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There's even more reason to use Chandelure now. (Archived)
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Sugimori's role is very small now... (Archived)
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Rate the Main Trainer Designs from the entire series (Archived)
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For those who think it a Third Version. (Archived)
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names for the new PC? (Archived)
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Best Pokemon Character. Round 1 Day 4 (Archived)
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I have a theory. (Archived)TectonicImprov84/12/2012
This new girl is covering too much up. (Archived)
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I know nothing about this game. What is known so far? (Archived)
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Those sure are some nice visors the protagonists are wearing. (Archived)Bubble_Berry_24/12/2012
Too many topics, what did I miss? (Can you resume me what are the news) (Archived)Pkjoan104/12/2012
As it hasn't confirmed yet... (Archived)poke_master301064/12/2012
So wait. (Archived)TectonicImprov94/12/2012
Is it just me (Archived)okamhunite84/12/2012
Candice is preeeteee hot. (Archived)Shadowmaster_m184/12/2012
Desert Resort area has buildings (Archived)warnerbroman84/12/2012
Early access to pokemon normally only catchable post E4? (Archived)Moogle_trainer84/12/2012
I hope Calvin is a GOOD rival like the first two gens. (Archived)
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i'm so glad this game is coming out early (Archived)stampedefoot14/12/2012
Okay. Character customisation in the next gen please. (Archived)
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