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I remember when Hilda and Hilbert's designs were being trashed. (Archived)
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new movie 15 trailer (Archived)Lapras24104/13/2012
If you were able to play any character you want, what would it be? (Archived)
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Hilbert/Hilda should be champion this time around. (Archived)
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Yes, the new designs look stupid when you look at the art, BUT (Archived)Gaming_Mastery34/13/2012
Individual pokemon reviews (Archived)
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How N and You fit in (or not, speculation ahead as well as BW-1 spoilers) (Archived)27th_wonder34/13/2012
Finally! corocoro scans (pics) (Archived)
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Put the trucker hats back on, please. (Archived)Cervosi44/13/2012
Man, I am really excited about this! (Archived)nazacuckoo14/13/2012
Weird (Archived)DemiseEnd24/13/2012
You know who should appear in this game? (Archived)hunter994x74/13/2012
So, where exactly are they stuffing 300 Pokemon on the map? (Archived)MileRun84/13/2012
The original dragon :O (Archived)
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The swirly thing on professor's head (Archived)The_FoolXXII64/13/2012
Clarification for Gamefaqs given on the Water Gym Leader (Archived)GilgameshSwords74/13/2012
I'm sick of playing as a twink in every Pokemon game. (Archived)Toadster900144/13/2012
pokemon battles... (Archived)darkjd414/12/2012
what do you think of the post cataclysmic theory some people have? (Archived)MindManipulator44/12/2012
Wow Ive messed a ton! :p (Archived)
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