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so uh... what happened to the old gym leaders? (Archived)
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wait so Black and White from the original aren't the returning characters? (Archived)
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Think Flareon will get flare blitz this time around? (Archived)MalkyeaImbak14/12/2012
New information from Kotaku. (Archived)
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I am done with Pokemon! (Archived)jEr3mY24/12/2012
the male trainer looks SO stupid! (Archived)
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To those that used Play Asia for releases.... (Archived)PkmTrainerAbram24/12/2012
No water gym leader topics? (Archived)
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With older pokemon being in the main quest, I hope they do a stat revamp (Archived)MissKoiKoiDesho84/12/2012
Gamefreak would get so much respect if they done something new with starters (Archived)
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B/W protagonists should be the ones that offer the starters. (Archived)Hinoken8624/12/2012
Gym Leader Overhaul (Archived)
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New protagonist designs are godawful. (Archived)
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Will the desert be accessible? (Archived)Darmanitan1414/12/2012
Which Pokemon would you like to be added in the upgraded Unova Dex? (Archived)ej92104/12/2012
Your reaction: the starters are the same 3... (Archived)ssj_duelist104/12/2012
Akuroma = Kyurem? (Archived)H-L-W74/12/2012
There won't be a third version. If there is I will close my account. (Archived)
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So how will they do the rematch (Archived)SpiderLantern84/12/2012
Would you rather they replace type-centric Gyms with strategy-centric? (Archived)
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