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New Gyms (Archived)Turbo_TRex84/12/2012
Hilda/Hilbert's role in this game (Archived)ssj_duelist14/12/2012
That feel when hopes crushed (Archived)
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Hiougi City (Archived)ArcaneRainbows34/12/2012
This is the stupidest looking male MC in the Pokemon series (Archived)
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so this means......... (Archived)kirbydude38584/12/2012
New Pokemon BW 2 rumors from 2ch (Archived)
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I bet we still won't be able to plant berries. (Archived)zach12_224/12/2012
So I guess there's one rival now? (Archived)nblasteroin54/12/2012
Calling it now: Starters will include, but not be limited to, gen fives starters (Archived)
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Will Team Plasma even be in this? (Archived)CatwomanX24/12/2012
I thought it was pretty funny when people thought we were getting new pokemon (Archived)Shinkuthewise34/12/2012
Gen III contests need to come back (Archived)wwwgippal224/12/2012
New protagonists -> Wetsuits? (Archived)
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Zoroark (Archived)lanelazerbeam34/12/2012
ITT: Instead of Black/White 2 info getting leaked, it's Gold/Silver (Archived)
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8 New Gyms? Maybe another E4? (Archived)SteelPunk80844/12/2012
so uh... what happened to the old gym leaders? (Archived)
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wait so Black and White from the original aren't the returning characters? (Archived)
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Think Flareon will get flare blitz this time around? (Archived)MalkyeaImbak14/12/2012