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What pokemon would you like for next gen? (survey) (Archived)Balthier2009104/12/2012
ITT: We list all the things we said we wanted, but that GF probably ignored. (Archived)
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So it looks like we get a new Poison type gym leader (Archived)
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I can't wait to play as the new male protagonist. He looks like a bro. (Archived)
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Hnnnnnnnnnnnng (Archived)
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back sprites (Archived)Yatming424/12/2012
Possible evolutions of older Pokemon with new pokedex? (Archived)Moogle_trainer44/12/2012
I hope they use the monkeys as starters (Archived)pokemon2poker74/12/2012
The only starter in this game will be..... (Archived)
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Oak and Cynthia have to appear in this game (Archived)ssj_duelist74/12/2012
So, it seems Striaton City is frozen and Cilan/Cress/Chili have been replaced... (Archived)Reborn_Sigma64/12/2012
So this new scientist dude is researching pokemon's latent abilities... (Archived)
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*doesn't see any following pokemon in the screenshots* (Archived)
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Need some help with ev training my bagon (Archived)DeviljhoHAX34/12/2012
Is anyone completely underwhelmed? (Archived)
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Who's the weird guy with the crazy hair curl? (Archived)BR0DE094/12/2012
Honestly, the new male PC looks exactly like Hilbert to me (Archived)Kyubinin94/12/2012
New Gyms (Archived)Turbo_TRex84/12/2012
Hilda/Hilbert's role in this game (Archived)ssj_duelist14/12/2012
That feel when hopes crushed (Archived)
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