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Pidgey gets a split evo (Archived)
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Team Plasma return...? (Archived)thomasfreid53/14/2012
Should the national dex be avaliable upon start? (Archived)ssj_duelist23/14/2012
What if they made a combo pack of Pokemon Black/White 1 and 2 for 3DS? (Archived)KoiNoDensetsu43/14/2012
Some insight...(minor spoilers?) (Archived)PoorRichDude23/14/2012
Accegor should have been Bug/Dark. (Archived)
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If this is a sequel (Archived)DraconFlame2753/14/2012
Starter Theories (Archived)Miggi3Fr3sh103/14/2012
Missingo should be all three starters. (Archived)177MadRaptors63/14/2012
This game needs to be in Kanto (Archived)
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Gen that had the best Pokemon type day 1: Electric (Archived)
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Is this a brand new story with different towns, gyms, and elite four? (Archived)
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Number 3 (Archived)mralpha54353/14/2012
This game will take place on TCG Island. (Archived)Pokeclipse23/14/2012
My prediction for where the game takes place. (Archived)alatreon78943/14/2012
Do you think there's a chance of seeing the return.... (Archived)John_Titor203643/14/2012
So, who's gonna love (BW)2? (Archived)LHS_201263/14/2012
LIGHT type exists. (Archived)
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Maybe the Kanto Champion music will be used in this game. (Archived)Pokeclipse93/14/2012
Why must everyone want a Light Type? (Archived)
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