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Lol@People who think Smogon rules are official (Archived)
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PokeGen question that will probably be shunned (Archived)Second_Chances33/12/2013
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New To Ev Training (Archived)
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So is RNG-ing still a thing these days? (Archived)David8000863/12/2013
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Level 36 Lucario: Dark Pulse or Shadow Claw? (Archived)KirbyIsAwesome103/12/2013
when can i get good moves for my Metang, and Lucario (Archived)ObtuseAngina23/12/2013
Action Replay - there any codes for One Hit kill code? (Archived)WizardofHoth23/12/2013
do you get still get zekrom by himself when you get black zekrom ? (Archived)Zekrom9833/12/2013
Global link site undergoing maintenance? (Archived)
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RMT - attempt to make a Rain team for the next wifi competition (Archived)brStalker43/12/2013
Starting this game for the first time! What tips do you guys can give me? (Archived)
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why do n's pokemon never appear (Archived)KirbyIsAwesome83/12/2013
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Need a female DW Gible (Gabite, Garchomp) will trade (Archived)Strategist66993/12/2013
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