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Does anyone have a good damage calculator? The one I use keeps going on and off. (Archived)_Unowninator_92/23/2013
2013 Winter Friendly Tournament Results are out [Wi-Fi, Rotation, Ubers] (Archived)
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Team Rocket Elite (M)142/23/2013
Two questions from someone returning to Pokemon: (Archived)
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Help with 3ds (Archived)Jellic102/23/2013
Infernape question (Archived)PoKeMoNsTrOsiTY32/23/2013
Something weird is happening with my electric Pokemon (Archived)
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Is my EV trained Gabite good so far? (Archived)thedeerzord62/23/2013
Understanding the dragons (spoilers I guess?) (Archived)airsoft24662/23/2013
Rock Smash and boulders. need some help (Archived)WizardofHoth42/23/2013
Very inexperienced RNGer question (Archived)Chaos Genesis42/23/2013
Yo should I play Pokemon B/W 1 before I buy B/W 2? (Archived)Awesomdor52/23/2013
Strength boulders (Archived)SeaLegend42/23/2013
best porygon z set? (Archived)sayianprince30042/23/2013
Raising the happiness for pokemon. Need some help (Archived)WizardofHoth52/23/2013
Action Replays question (Archived)Nastyyyyy42/23/2013
what i hate most about charizard's weakness (Archived)Obeyy0062/23/2013
2 things just dawned on me (Archived)pokemon2poker42/22/2013
Rate the ability, Day 60: Justified (Poll)
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Using grass types in this game is like playing hard mode (Archived)
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Question about Storm Drain and Absorb Bulb item (Archived)tadashii1832/22/2013