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Would it be all right if I interchanged the DS systems I used for one game? (Archived)Mega__Man52/22/2013
Breeding chain question regarding Totodile (Archived)CyberWhiteTiger32/22/2013
tri attack or signal beam for ingame magnezone? (Archived)
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B2/W2's story feels kinda like joke (Archived)
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Twist mountain habitat List? (Archived)Ulquiorra8732/22/2013
"There was a problem with your Pokemon, could not participate" (Archived)
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Hong Su-Yon? (Archived)primal_force92/22/2013
Dragon tail (Archived)CyberWhiteTiger102/22/2013
Join avenue question about changing roles (Archived)darkus_f82/22/2013
should I get the dream radar (Archived)
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Hello im trying to stream pokemon on my twitch channel and need help. (Archived)CloudandYuffie22/22/2013
Rate the ability, Day 59: Iron Fist (Poll)
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female eevee with Hidden Ability (Archived)whitesigil42/22/2013
Who among the MCs of Pokemon Adventures/Special has the best team? (Archived)WinterOwl_XIV22/22/2013
Yancy just wont trade.... (Archived)DreamReacher82/22/2013
You wouldn't let parasites dominate your childs life. (Archived)
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Funfest Missions are the opposite of fun (Archived)
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Underrated sets that actually works (Archived)Worm19922/22/2013
If you don't think Drizzle should be banned (Archived)
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Trying to battle friend, but doesn't show up on Wifi Club. (Archived)TinyTankX42/21/2013