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My Reaction To The Announcement Being... (Archived)HvnlyScl21/7/2013
Finally got my first shiny! (Archived)gatopiano71/7/2013
Pokemon skills are a bit rusty,couple of questions (Archived)
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I think it would be cool to have a 6 v 6 type battle (Archived)
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Advice (Archived)92bryan51/7/2013
If a pokemon faints it doesn't get EVS when that pokemon it battled is koed rit? (Archived)liniscool41/7/2013
Your reaction: The announcement is a Dunsparce evo (Archived)Catcher_Freeman81/6/2013
Why does everyone hype Eeveelutions? (Archived)
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his will crack a pokemon smile (Archived)pokemon2poker31/6/2013
Serebii is being unusually quiet... (Archived)
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What do you anticipate for the 666 spot? (Archived)
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This is really cool (Archived)LightningAce1141/6/2013
What are the glitches in this game? (Archived)Polimario31/6/2013
How do you get the item that's on Route 20? (Archived)VideoboysaysCube41/6/2013
Just one quick question about EV's (yes I do see the sticky) (Archived)FlufyW0lf3y61/6/2013
can you catch celebi in black 2? (Archived)jiggard91/6/2013
AR Question (Archived)
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What if the announcement is... (Archived)Drgonbxcross91/6/2013
So the other day some people were talking about Team Rocket in the show. (Archived)viewmaster_pi31/6/2013
Hours logged so far? (Archived)
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