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how to get Walmart exclusive pokemon (Archived)OutRajeuZ41/7/2013
Why isn't there a Hunter trainer class? (Archived)DipperPines71/7/2013
OK Now bear with me.... (Archived)
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Even if ivs are removed from the game... (Archived)wutzgood11/7/2013
Why are the strongest pokemon often the scarcest? (Archived)Windyligth51/7/2013
Rate the ability, Day 17: Contrary (Poll)Pitbuller_2681/7/2013
So technically it's the 8th over there (Archived)
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OMG OMG OMG!!! I Can't believe it! (Archived)
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Multiscale Dragonite vs Omega Shenron (Poll)MalkyeaImbak31/7/2013
Maybe the announcement is a new version of Pokemon Ranch (Archived)CM_Ponch21/7/2013
Your favorite OU Pokemon Day 2 (Poll)spooky9681/7/2013
Iron Ball or Lagging Tail? (Archived)coreekymon31/7/2013
Japan is a day ahead, so at what time can we expect the big 8th announcement? (Archived)Spiega61/7/2013
ITT: Type combinations you would like to see in Gen VI (Archived)
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The announcement will be a pokemon version of Majora's Mask (Archived)CM_Ponch61/7/2013
Help with my team for International Challenge January (Archived)EvilSaurus21/7/2013
My name in this game... (Archived)Nate545101/7/2013
Brycen Man part 1, strange ending (Archived)ZarethKnyght81/7/2013
Yes or No: Should I start my third play through of BW2, right now (Archived)XxMahnaMahnaxX91/7/2013
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