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I'm going to pick up my shiny legendary after work today.... (Archived)EternalNether59/7/2013
Is it possible to 'create' legal Pokemon? (Story inside) (Archived)Kasumi_Goto49/7/2013
Hatching shiny (Archived)DwDenon59/7/2013
Why doesn't Brycen have a Glalie? (Archived)gamermasterwiz49/6/2013
A type of team that works well in both single and multiplayer? (Archived)Remijia99/6/2013
How soon can I access moss and ice rocks? (Archived)
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To get the permit for the Nature Preserve... (Archived)bloopertime49/6/2013
I can't log into the Pokemon Global Link! Please help! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
What is your current Pokemon Team In-Game? (Archived)Rahjik69/6/2013
Looking to freshen up on pokemon and get ready for X &Y B/W 1 OR B/W2? (Poll)upgraded_raygun69/6/2013
Squirtle squirt (Archived)Mahlazer12329/6/2013
Few questions about EV training. (Archived)OhHeyltsYou79/6/2013
experimental breloom build. (Archived)jaganshi239/6/2013
100 DW Pkmn medal (Archived)MasterofGames2539/5/2013
So my friend thought it would be funny to release my dream world therian trio (Archived)
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Breeding Eevee (Archived)bloodmist1359/5/2013
Is there a specific method on where to catch past gen pokes? (Archived)MasterAdeptAlex39/5/2013
just caught my third shiny! (Archived)mudballman99/5/2013
Pre elite four problems (Archived)ArchSublime59/5/2013
Regarding Lance in the PWT (Archived)Chipspirate49/5/2013
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