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Any moments where I need to walk to progress? (Archived)DeathWish9646/9/2014
Making a comeback with Pokemon (Archived)haruhist36/7/2014
With DS Online dead, can we even get stuff from gens older than 6 into Pokebank? (Archived)Master_Warlord726/7/2014
doing the impossible (Archived)itrainpokemon56/6/2014
Is it possible to check SID without AR/Pokecheck? (Archived)Jetstrike111166/4/2014
I m lookin for first three starters (Archived)Mar121836/4/2014
Is there anywhere good to train before Roxie? (Archived)Mocha_Desire1256/3/2014
So with the wifi shutting down can you still use pokegen or no? (Archived)Homie_20286/1/2014
Action Replay Error (Archived)Talabaralthor15/24/2014
AR Encounter Any Code (Archived)AetherNyx55/24/2014
my pokemon (Archived)Passiko25/23/2014
30+ Person Funfest Mission Medals VGC 2014 (Archived)Kirby735075/23/2014
Poketransfer keeps crashing on me...any advice? (Archived)masterpug5315/22/2014
Pal pad medals (Archived)
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Will the GTS hack still work once the wifi goes down? >_> (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
My DSi Action Replay didn't come w/ a disc. Can I still add my own codes via PC? (Archived)-Unowninator-75/20/2014
Challenge mode on Pokemon Black 2 please! (Archived)harpuia2425/20/2014
pal codes (Archived)FBIGALZ15/19/2014
Do I need WiFi for anything RNG related? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Question about the shutdown of the Nintendo DS servers for Pokemon? (Archived)xxgamer91xx35/19/2014
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