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Has anyone played pokemon flora sky? if so need a question answered please (Archived)uchihajuan176610/26/2012
I killed Latios by accident. (Archived)
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What would it be like, in the real world, if you applied pokemon game mechanis (Archived)egott90310/26/2012
Weakest story in the series so far? (Archived)
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Not learning moves on level up with Join Avenue (Archived)Garuda_cyborg510/26/2012
Help me fix my team please. (OU) (Archived)
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Pokemon Black 2 AR cloning Code (Archived)Uzay11710/26/2012
leftovers (Archived)
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I thought moles were blind. (Archived)
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DW durant. Is this thing even available? (Archived)Gallic420910/26/2012
Am I the only only one? (Archived)naterkix210/26/2012
When did you get Trapinch? (Archived)
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What is with Regirock's puzzle? (Archived)Groudon_Uzamaki410/26/2012
Water Stone? (Archived)er0spl0x810/25/2012
Hypothetical pokemon with unique ability (Archived)HHDeception410/25/2012
Triple Battle Rock Slide Mid Dunsparce (Archived)HHDeception610/25/2012
Didn't Claydol long ago learned recover? (Archived)TwilightPlague810/25/2012
Trading egg from Platinum to Black 2 (Archived)
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The Unova Link "memories" - how many of those is in game? (post game spoilers) (Archived)xyzman410/25/2012
what level is the pokemon league 1st time through? (Archived)
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