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Coverage Question (Archived)allhailbender710/26/2012
grotto confusion (Archived)debreas510/26/2012
Welp, with BBVW2 out and my Black 2 copy a few days away.... (Archived)
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Can DW drilbur be female? (Archived)Delesmor610/26/2012
EV advice? (Archived)
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N's Reshiram/Zekrom (spoilers) (Archived)xMrShadow910/26/2012
Why did they remove Auto Run and the VS Seeker? (Archived)
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do you want a new colosseum like game (Archived)
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Need two more members (Archived)
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Give a being not of the Pokemon series Pokemon attributes. (Archived)Polimario610/26/2012
would a move like this help Poison types? (Archived)NobleRoar610/26/2012
Join Avenue (Archived)
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kabutops vs carracosta (Archived)warnerbroman510/26/2012
Looking for a reliable website to buy cards... (Archived)Coop14510/26/2012
Join Avenue: Magnemite Coil (Archived)AlexxPB410/26/2012
Resetting for Shiny Kyurem (story spoilers, I guess) (Archived)Chaos Genesis510/26/2012
Does he give a unique dialogue for each of his pokemon? (Spoilers) (Archived)GilgameshSwords410/26/2012
Sign if you're an honest player who doesn't cheat to get their pokemon. (Archived)
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Empty Grotto? (Archived)Rahjik910/26/2012
is slaking with a neutral/beneficial ability still uber worthy? (Archived)pkmnpkmn510/26/2012