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Would Cofagrigus be better if it was a Ghost/Steel type? (Poll)
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My awesome Dratini <3 (Archived)
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I found the perfect name for my Sawk. (Archived)Rupin_Salesman910/18/2012
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The truth about pokemon-its always the same game (Archived)
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Alright... time for me to start the one thing we're all dreading. (Archived)
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What is a good Genesect moveset? (Archived)
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Dream Radar and game link question (Archived)abbrock410/18/2012
do we need the alternate cloud pokemon for the free shiny haxorus? (Archived)
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How do you like to play Pokemon? (Poll)Brady672_AT_fan410/18/2012
Having a dilema.. (Archived)Reno_Tarshil410/18/2012
What did you guys put as your phrases and titles in join avenue? (Archived)gg132610/18/2012
Levels for E4? (Archived)aprilmayspring410/18/2012
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Most Exp Ever Received? (Archived)TMG2186210/18/2012
Is Ditto the only way to get a Beldum egg? (Archived)pp222510/18/2012
Just crashed the game by trying to get the bike medals (Archived)j_coat710/18/2012
action replay code move modifier, ability modifier (Archived)avidol310/18/2012
Analytic ability (Archived)pyroblade310/18/2012
Best Dressed Elite 4 Member Day 2: Johto (Poll)
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