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Is Ditto the only way to get a Beldum egg? (Archived)pp222510/18/2012
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Best Dressed Elite 4 Member Day 2: Johto (Poll)
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Anyone know of some funfest mission hotspots? (Archived)Gameandwatch2110/18/2012
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Whats the point of the lower lv Pokemon in black tower (Archived)fredie11910/18/2012
It feels like there aren't any good pokemon early on. (Archived)
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Is Clay a Texan? (Archived)
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Memory Link timeout... (Archived)AgentMel310/18/2012
Chance of getting shiny starter? (Archived)
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Sewaddle or Venipede? (Poll)Alexclow345510/18/2012
How many tornadus, thundurus, and landorus can you get in the dream radar? (Archived)Lost_Seraph09710/18/2012
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Farming shards. (Archived)
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So I'm searching through Virbank Complex for a Growlithe... (Archived)X_Roxas_X610/18/2012
ATTN: all normal types (Archived)
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Mixed Wall Arcanine Set (Archived)Donniedonz710/18/2012