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Two important questions about Game Sync! (Arceus, Memory Link)

#1NessEggmanPosted 10/10/2012 8:40:36 AM
I have Game Sync'd and playe Dream World with my White 2 game. My Global Link profile includes my old Black and White games that I used to play Dream World with. I have two questions:

1. Upon switching to W2 and playing PDW, I noticed everything went back to the beginning (even my friend list and icon and stuff). but when I switched back to my White game, my icon changed back and my friend list came back. I haven't played PDW with White again since I used an old DSi (which I still have, just packed away) and don't want to reset my data and use my 3DS because I did the Arceus event back when it was active and put Arceus on my Friend Board. Arceus will STILL be on my friend board, right? I have never actually played PDW since and gotten him off of there.

2. Even though I linked my W2 game and used Game Sync, I have not activated Memory Link. How do I do it? Is there something I have to do in W1 or maybe something I have to select in W2 to get it working? I never got a medal for memory link, and realized that my prop case was empty when I got it.
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#2mnkysprnPosted 10/10/2012 12:02:45 PM
Read the manual that came with your game.

It tells you how to memory link using the PGL.

Seriously does anyone ever read the game manual before playing anymore?
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#3NessEggman(Topic Creator)Posted 10/12/2012 11:33:47 PM
You ignored the question that I took most of the post talking about.

Seriously does anyone ever read the topic before replying anymore?

And no, most people don't read the manual before playing. I thought that was common knowledge. Did you really have to ask?

I did read the section about game sync, but not thoroughly enough, and forgot a step. I've gotten that fixed now and my games have been sync'd, but I still would like to know about Arceus.
Just wake me up when Tokimeki Memorial 4 is announced.
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