This game is unplayable on my LG TV

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can you change the brightness in the game options
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From: lostoutlawnb | #031
can you change the brightness in the game options

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Turning the gamma up does work... but it kinda ruins the mood...

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I had the same problem with my Toshiba TV.
I even turned the option for it to off, but it still does that.
It's so stupid. I mean...what the hell is the point of that? I honestly can't think of ANY reason to do that.

I fixed it on my TV though. I just had to turn it into Gaming Mode or whatever it was called.
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765351 posted...
LG has a feature where the TV will auto-dim when the screen is dark. This means l can't see anything in the game when it's dark (which, from the demo is a lot). This has only been a minor nuisance before but this sucks.

LoL a TV that auto-dims when its dark.. Its the power saver... Turn it off or put it on a lower setting. There is also a option of back lighting, turn it up as it don't allow the TV to darken so much when the power saver (think its called Energy saver) comes on. (which it will darken when room is bright or dark also)
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^There is no power saver option. l have said this before.
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Buy a new T.V. then, genius. Problem solved.
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A number strikes again.
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chaos_belmont posted...
I would suggest buying a new tv, but you know, it's more tabooh then mentioning child¨¨ or ¨¨¨ on here and having a positive attitude towards doing such things.

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