HUT tips?

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3 years ago#1
im pretty much new to HUT. i played a few games on '12 but i really want to get into it with '13. whats are a few good tips for improving a team?

ive bought a bunch of bronze packs and havent gotten any decent players. should i just try to save up for the more expensive packs?

on a side note... what do i have to do to get my goalie rested? my goalie keeps having the "zzz" icon.
i love hockey... so should you.
3 years ago#2
Just put ur backup goalie in- and yes just buy the jumbo packs- u usually get some decent players......usually lol
3 years ago#3
Bronze and silver packs are useless. Buy gold and only gold.

Even then, for now, all I've got out of packs is a truckload of training, healing and contract cards, other useless cards or players and a few average NHL players.

With that stack of consummables, I've stopped buying packs and just buy the players I want on the market. I prefer spending 3 to 4k on a 85 overall goalie than getting dump in a pack.
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