Fantasy Team GML is looking for GM's (PS3, 20+ ACTIVE)

#1Vinny_41Posted 1/2/2013 8:53:35 PM
League Name: Fantasy Team GML
Current GM's: 24

Fantasy Team GML is currently halfway done it's 3RD season and we are looking for members. This league started at the release of NHL 13. Below I will list the teams that are free and they're main stars, also their record. Some teams have been CPU's from the beginning of the season so they will have sub-par records.

New York Rangers(11-23): Kesler,Grabovski,Tamarra,Panik,Hedman

Carolina Hurricanes(13-21):Roy,Bergeron,Tanguay,Briere,Hamhuis,Bryzgalov

Colorado Avalanche(6-25):Hall,Shinkaruk,Yakupov,Tinordi

Dallas Stars(3-30):Kopitar,Lucic,Gagne,Nash,Edler,Crawford

Minnestoa Wild(16-15):Granlund,burrows,Wheeler,Yandle,Vlasic,Johnson,Ward

Phoenix Coyotes(19-13):Couture,Plekanec,Kovy,Marleau,Ehrhoff,Gormley,Howard

As I stated before don't be fooled by the records because we're halfway through the season. If you have any questions post below or find me on psn : Vinny_41!