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User Info: neorussell83

4 years ago#1
Hey Everyone,

I'm an gaming event organizer who runs fighting game tournaments like street fighter.
I'm jumping to NHL 13 tournaments this year.
With NHL lockout over, i figure it would be a great time.

I have one scheduled on Jan. 20th.
I just wanted to know, what are the normal rules for running NHL Tournaments.

Here are my current rules after speaking with NHL 13 players:

*1 vs 1 on PS3
*Double Elimination - you lose once, you get another chance
*Period Length: 5 minutes
*Current NHL Teams only. No All-Stars
*5mins OVERTIME in an event of a Tie
*Game will go to a shootout after a Tie in Overtime.
*Game Breaking Glitches will result in disqualification.

Let me know what you think I should change. Please give me a reason. Saying things without proper reason is not enough for me to add or edit the rules.

Thanks to everyone who replies,

User Info: blazenp360

4 years ago#2
i will join
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