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Looking for a team

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User Info: flames34

4 years ago#1
Hey. I am currently looking for a EASHL team to play on. I am not the greatest player, but I am not terrible either. I prefer to play a 'real' style of hockey (dump and chase, cycle down low, shots from the point and crash the net etc.). I can be as active as needed. I play RW, LW and can play defence if need be. I just jump into the rush a little bit to much lol. Anyway, if you are looking for a person to plug a hole on your team let me know. My PSN is the same as my username (flames34)

User Info: italmike2k2

4 years ago#2
msg me, panini_press

User Info: CloneTheHero

4 years ago#3
Yo join mine. All my teamates ditched me. I'm a natural defensman, offensive defensman I should say, butI also play . While playing D I also jump into the rush if need be, not often though.
Currently Playing: Tales of Graces f, Gran Turismo 5, NHL 13 / PSN - Fatal error83

User Info: goalie007

4 years ago#4
i need a team) G
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