Complete Set question

#1bsb13Posted 1/11/2013 11:09:23 AM
Anyone complete this yet?
I'm missing one Islander and I've been looking for over 3 weeks and still no luck
#2mattymo35Posted 1/11/2013 8:44:20 PM
I did the Blues pretty easily. Just pick a team that doesn't have very many expensive players. I think the Florida Panthers would be pretty easy.
#3bsb13(Topic Creator)Posted 1/13/2013 4:36:25 PM
Well I've got all the Islanders but 1
and if you go by the player cards that rotate in the background on the main screen of your favorite team, its 1 of 3 guys.
I really don't think they even made a card for them
been checking for 3 weeks twice a day and still no luck