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EASHL- i need a team

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4 years ago#1
i play every position but i like to play LD RW G. im active alot and im in a club now but i dont really like it so message me on here or send me a message on ps3 at blazenp360
4 years ago#2
im looking for teamates to make a decent roster. I mainly play C or RD
Currently Playing: Tales of Graces f, Gran Turismo 5, NHL 13 / PSN - Fatal error83
4 years ago#3
im a 71 overall for my defense and i perfere LD and a superstar 2 but i can play RW and i can score goals but mainly only when we have a human controlled goalie
4 years ago#4
Just created a new team. anyone wanna join? Dinamo Peterborough.
i' goalie, superstar 1, 74 overal
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