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Never played an NHL game before...what are we doing wrong? o_o

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4 years ago#1
Me and my roommate got this game recently. Avid hockey fans, never owned or really played an NHL game before. We played against eachother on the regular difficulty setting and had a couple of 2-0, 1-0, 2-1 kind of games. All well and good. We decided to switch to co-op (since I was winning ;D) and...what. Just...what?

We found ourselves getting penalized probably 2-3 times a period. Almost every pass gets picked and it seems like our goalie just lets them fly by almost every time they take a shot. Meanwhile, we're setting up awesome crosses in the slot and the CPU goalie appears to be superhuman. Our best game was us as a Legends team vs. the freaking Islanders, and we lost 4-1. After about 25 Wayne Gretzky one timers being stonewalled later, we decided to tinker with the difficulty. Set it to rookie.

We won 15-4, our Blue Jackets vs. Winnipeg. OK, too easy. Set it to pro mode, "casual" setting.

14-12 (o-O) ...OK. Back to pro, we can handle this!

...3-0 Anaheim over our CBJ, we got probably 12 shots. Almost every pass was a turnover, every time we got in front of the goal we got knocked on our ass.

It can't be that hard, can it? I refuse to believe it. We're having a hell of a time winning faceoffs, too. We're usually pretty solid at sports games! o_O Is there a set of difficulty sliders where we can actually find a bit of a learning curve? Or are we making some beginner mistake everybody does and eventually adjusts to? I don't get it <.<

Any help is appreciated. Yes, internet trolldom, I'm aware we blow ass through a straw. Not helping : /
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4 years ago#2
It happens. I was online today. Played a guy who seemed like he just started. His HuT team was pretty basic but managed to heat me 7 - 2.

It's a roll of the dice on how the ai will play. Face offs are tricky at times. It's hard to explain it in txt. I'm sure Thers somthing on YouTube if not let me know I can do a vid.

Keep playing you'll catch on

One thing to keep in mind are strategies. Each team plays different and if you keep using the same move sometimes the ai will pick up on it
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4 years ago#3
Yeah, two games after I posted this I finally won a game on pro :D Now I'm getting the hang of it.
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4 years ago#4
For fun tune your sliders offline and play offline. For a challenge play online. You can tune whatever aspect youre weak in to your favor until you get better at it. If face off are a problem tune faceoff difficulty down and work on forhand backhand tieups and stick lifts.

Note: stick lift beats backhand a majority of the time and tie up beats forhand most of the time. Its kind of a game of rock paper scissors.
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4 years ago#5
Can always go to build you ai and make the do what you want.
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