Complete noob at the NHL games, I can't ever score.

#1LazerLXXVII2Posted 2/25/2013 12:41:58 PM
I'm playing online simply because sports games are usually no fun when playing against the AI. I played every single NHL game since NHL 09, but that was only casually with friends. Whenever I play online, I honestly can't seem to score for the life of me. Its always 0-1 or 0-2 with the exception of two games, but go figure the moment I am winning a game, they disconnect.

I usually play as the Red Wings, occasionally as the Hurricanes, and a few other teams, but I'd rather play with a decent team first. I know how to set up plays in hockey, I watch hockey every year (to the best of my ability with what little is shown on TV in the south), but I have no idea how to make them convert in this game. I know the basics but I truly can't make anything happen.

Another problem I have is that maybe 1/10 players I face have insane defense where I literally can't get the puck into their zone because they just spam poke checks, so I can't carry it in, I can't pass in the NZ, and I can't get close enough to dump it in. The entire game is basically me defending.

Any advice?