New Franchise; Who's the first player you trade for?

#1EvenLimboPosted 2/27/2013 9:54:22 AM
Whether it be your favorite player, best player, etc. Who's the first person you get for your team when you start a new Be a GM?

I tend to rotate depending on what the teams needs are, but I usually tend to build from the crease out. If I want to trade for a star type player i'll go with Carey Price, if not I tend to go with a solid young D-men like TJ Brodie, for some reason although his stats dont always turn out the best, he always racks up points for me, love using him.
#2tricky_onePosted 3/5/2013 8:29:21 PM
I've only started up one GM mode and I almost immediately went to trade Komisarek on the Leafs. I also went after Del Zotto in the offseason which was a very good move on my part. Finaly, one of my favourite rookies, that if I start over I'd try to pick up Derrek Pouliot. He scored on average 20+ goals as a defenseman.
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#3DoctorNekoPosted 3/5/2013 11:09:47 PM
I like to keep my teams young, so I tend to purge all the oldies immediately, and get some young guns. Some of my trades included Gaunce from Vancouver, Huberdeau, and first few picks of the first year. I've also traded for Vermette and O'Reilly (lol @ Calgary-Colorado drama) for their high faceoff ratings.

As for defense, I dont really care, as most teams have some studs coming in anyway.
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