Way to Force Trade in BAP?

#1GoldenLugarFoolPosted 4/24/2013 11:24:58 AM
Getting traded is one of the last trophies I need for the whole game, I'm in my second season, first one as a Devil. Last year I won rookie of the year, art ross, conn smythe, and Hart. They won't trade me so far 20 games in, I already have 20 goals and 46 points. Any way to make it trade me??
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#2tricky_onePosted 4/24/2013 3:04:01 PM
My team wouldn't trade me until my third season with them. Even after they finally agreed to trade me it took them a month or so. You could try simming to the next year and request one then if you are only playing of trophies.
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