Help a novice from England.

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Hey guys, I'm completely new to ice hockey, loving this game though.

Few questions, in team managment there is an option to edit lines, like offence line 1 and 2, defense line 1 and 2 what are these and how do they work??

Another question is how do substitutes/ replacements work while in the game??

How do I go about selecting a starting team??

How can I get better at deke, I always end up unintentional shooting??

Some of these might seem like really dumb ass questions but like I said I'm new!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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There are 4 offensive lines and 3 defensive lines. Thats 3 players per offensive line and 2 players per defensive line. There can only be 6 players on the ice at a time per team. A offensive and defensive line and the goalie. Some situations allow more but I'll explain those in a minute. Subs only really apply to goalies. If a player is injured or tired he can go back to the bench and another player of his position from another line will take his place but he can still return to the game. Penalties are issued for various things and vary in severity. A minor penalty has the offending player sitting out for 2 minutes while his team plays a man down. His team then puts out a penalty kill line of 2 offensive players, 2 defensive and the goalie. The other team goes on a power play and they put their top players on the ice. If a goal is scored by the team on the power play the player sitting out gets to come back into the game. If the team on the penalty kill gets a goal, called a short handed goal, the penalized player stays out until the 2 minutes are up or the other team scores. Double minor penalties can also be issued where the offending player sits out for two consecutive 2 minute penalties. If the team on the power play score in the first 2 minutes then play is restarted with a normal 2 minute penalty still in effect with the offending player still sitting out. A 5 minute major penalty is issued for a fight. When this happens both players involved with the fight sit out for a minimum of 5 minutes or until the next time play is stopped after the 5 minutes. A 5 minute major can also be issued for a game misconduct. This can happen when a player is severally injured during a committed penalty like hitting from behind or slamming somebody head first into the wall. When this happens the offending player is kicked from the game and a player from his team has to sit out for 5 minutes. During this time if the team on the power play score the player serving the penalty still has to stay in the penalty box and his team continues a man down until the 5 minutes is up. But unlike a 5 minute major due to a fight the player can come back as soon as the 5 minutes has passed. I mentioned there are special time more players can be on the ice for a single team. When a penalty is first noticed by a ref and the offending team doesn't have the puck play will continue and the goalie can return to the bench and a extra player can come onto the ice for that team. As soon and the offending team touches the puck play is stopped and the penalty is issued. The penalty can be waved off if the team that had the penalty committed against it scores before the offending team touches the puck. Also as a last ditch effort the coach of a team can pull his goalie in the last 2 minutes of the game so a extra player can go out for his team. If the score is tied at the end of the 3rd period the game will go into overtime. Overtime (during the regular season only) is a 5 minute 4 vs 4 (2 offensive 2 defensive per team) sudden death period. If the score remains tied at the end of the 5 minutes the game will go to a shoot out. The coach for each team selects 3 players for his team to go 1 vs 1 against the other teams goalie. This can go well passed the initial 3 players if the teams can't go a goal up on the other team. Overtime is different during the playoffs. The rules are changed to 20 minute 5 vs 5 sudden death period. If no goal is scored during this time another 20 minutes period will be started. And during the regular season if a team wins during normal play they get 2 points in the standings and the losing team gets nothing. But if the game goes into overtime the losing team will automatically get 1 point in the standings and the winner will get 2.

I'm sure I may have left something out or mixed a few details up but the bulk of it is correct....I apologize for the text wall. I'm doing this on a cell phone.
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Ever hear of paragraphing?
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As I said I posted that from my phone. My texting sense took over. Just be glad I caught the spelling errors...for the most part.

edit: I tried to go back and edit in the paragraphs but I can't edit for some reason so use your imagination.
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