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4 years ago#1

One thing that I have loved about MW2 and MW3 is Spec Ops mode. I sucked at MP but have played it. Would have loved for MW3 to added Combat Training but oh well. That being said, I have kept coming back and back and back to MW3 (stopped playing MP two months ago) because of Survival Mode and the Missions. 

I thought BF3's Co-Op stunk. Maybe that was because you couldn't do it solo. 

I'd love for MOH to include something that could or could not further the story of JSOC or Tier One - Kill/Capture Missions or Training.

Training would include the locations of DamNeck or Ft Bragg and would simply be the Kill House. 4-player co-op with possibly different scenarios for floor layouts and the like? 

Kill/Capture would be very quick missions to take out or capture an HVT. In the past couple of years JSOC has been performing tons of these. How cool (and easy?) would be to have these as DLC? Vary the modes of insertion and that could be pretty cool. 

4 years ago#2
Yes, love that idea
4 years ago#3

Unfortunately, I don't know a great deal about Danger Close's pedigree, so I don't know how well they will be able to implement the core multiplayer, let allow expansions of it. I'm leery due to DICE being called in to complete the MP on MOH2010. I don't know the particulars, but when I heard that I thought "why are they subcontracting the MP? Shouldn't they be doing that themselves? DICE is supposed to be working on BF3, and the Vietnam expansion for Bad Company 2, so who does DICE have left to work on MOH? Wouldn't that be DICE's less talented guys that they were able to spare?"

I think those concerns shone through in MOHs MP. It felt rushed and derivative to me. Also, considering that Danger Close had only the single player to focus on, and it turned out being what it was, I'm very concerned about the quality of their work, and exactly how much content they will be able to put out, when they have both SP & MP both to work on themselves.

On point thought, a training mode would be great. You can get a feel for the mechanics outside of the sink or swim MP environment. Also, modes that allow you to not be saddled with the single player, but not dependent on the game selling well and having an active MP community are always welcomed.
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