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User Info: sexualconcussin

4 years ago#1
In the mission "Finding Farez", at the part where Mother says, "He's hopping the wall!", Farez just freezes. Mother is facing away from him, and Farez is standing there like a glitched model.
Anyone else have this problem?

User Info: flame030191

4 years ago#2
No, only major glitch I've come across is actually on this same level, I died shortly after the capture and it would refuse to load my save. I had to restart the mission. This was on Xbox, however...
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User Info: hockeyislife19

4 years ago#3
Nope...however the major glitch I ran into (xbox version btw) during "Changing Tides". Mother, whom you follow during the mission, kept shooting me and killing me. Seemed like it started after a certain checkpoint too. Right after you do a breach into a small building...and after taking out the 3 or 4 enemies inside...he would just start shooting at me and wouldn't stop. I'd try running away until more enemies showed up...then he'd start again. I tried restarting from the last checkpoint, restarting the mission completely...and even shutting off my xbox and starting it back up again....still happened. I was getting so pissed. Eventually I tried going into where you select whatever mission you want to go on and restarting it that way....and it worked. That was the only major glitch I encountered....just finished the campaign a bit ago.
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User Info: Samholy

4 years ago#4
the major gltich is the campaign itself. avoid it and play multiplayer :-)
its where the game shines
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