This is what the game looks like when you get accustomed to the controls

#11Seifer_usPosted 9/17/2012 10:17:23 PM
pirajacinto posted...
^You probably play ALOT better than me then...I actually lost that stage once, and then barely passed the 2nd time. I had a lot of issue gaining cans as I had no idea where to get them, and plus I was trying to figure out how to grind on some things and I still have issues with them.

Well sure, the first couple times are bound to be rough, and I'm sure that wasn't that guy's first time through the stage either. It does take a little trial and error.
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#12hyperskate65Posted 9/17/2012 10:20:54 PM
I agree TC, there's nothing really special about that video. Just an adept knowledge of the controls and practice.
The only part that was above normal was the last 4 wall ride graffitis because those can be a pain.
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That level was the bane of my existence back then. There is a part of me that is rather upset (how easy they make it look), not going to lie. But oh boy is there a part of me that is hype as hell to play that level again.

Never forgot the initial feeling oh the level with 'Dragula' coming on as you hop off the train, ready to paint some ass.
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