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problem (Archived)1XFalls69/18/2012
Since I have a 60gb ps3 I'm considering getting this for my 360 depending (Archived)Azure0149/18/2012
reliving my childhood (Archived)Twenty_Faces29/18/2012
Reminder: The Soundtrack is also available today (CD and digital) (Archived)bluetoast19/18/2012
This is what the game looks like when you get accustomed to the controls (Archived)
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That's it, do not buy this. Waste of money. Unless you have played the original. (Archived)Mech_Battalion109/18/2012
Playing this game again... (Archived)pirajacinto89/18/2012
Jet Set RADIOOOO !! (Archived)stoney200579/17/2012
Sweet Soul Brother (Archived)VRFTW69/17/2012
Custom Graffiti Question (Archived)acidboom253919/17/2012
if you have the game already in ps3 (Archived)emo_angel1149/17/2012
Can't Wait For Tomorrow! JET SET RADIOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! (Archived)Tigercml39/17/2012
There needs to be some kind of music shuffle option for the non-story modes (Archived)Raikuro99/17/2012
when exactly is this gonna be released tomorrow? (Archived)xsniper90x49/17/2012
pulling off 30 trick in a row while grinding is impossible. (Archived)Mech_Battalion99/17/2012
No surround sound? (Archived)AceAndJunpei19/17/2012
wen does dragula/just got wicked play? (Archived)
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So Do I Need to Get "Jet" Ranking on the Race, Tech, etc... Stages Too? (Archived)Seifer_us79/17/2012
How does this remake go about replacing the music that was cut? (Archived)phaze_basic39/17/2012
Concept of Love (Archived)ElizabethLake59/17/2012
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